The human body has a layer of fat between the skin surface and the underlying tissues.
Men and women tend to develop thicker deposits of fat in different problem areas, such as love handles, abdomen and chest in men and hips, thighs and abdomen in women.
 Despite diet and exercise, stubborn areas of fat may persist. If you are bothered by an unwanted bulge, desire a better-proportioned body, or simply wish to fit into clothing better, then liposuction may be the answer. Although liposuction is not a means of weight reduction and canít cure cellulite, it can permanently improve your body contour. The procedure involves first injecting tumescent fluid into the fatty deposit and then inserting a narrow, hollow tube through a small incision. As this cannula is moved through the fat, a suction machine vaccums the fat away. The ultrasonic technique, which utilizes sound waves to liquefy particularly dense fat, enhances the result in certain areas. Following surgery, patients must wear a compression garment to help the skin conform to the new shape.