As with other features of the face, the eyebrows may sag with age. Eyebrow sagging can contribute to a tired look, by causing the skin and fat just below the brow to fold over the eyelid. Indeed, some patients think they need upper eyelid surgery, when the real culprit is their loose, saggy eyebrows. A brow lift elevates the eyebrows into a more youthful position, thereby opening up the area above the eyes and creating a more vibrant appearance. This can be accomplished without causing a startled look. We can also remove portions of two small muscles between your eyebrows to soften any frown lines. Although the forehead is also tightened, any horizontal creases across the forehead canít be completely eradicated, as they are caused by the contraction of the muscle that raises your eyebrows and are part of normal expression. However, these lines can be significantly diminished with Botox  injections. A forehead lift is performed through one or more incisions in the scalp, where the scars are hidden, or at the hairline (in patients with an already high hairline). In a male patient with deep forehead creases, we may, occasionally, place the incisions there, so the final scars appear just like natural expression lines.