Sagging of the breast occurs when the breast skin stretches out due to the effects of aging, weight gain and loss, or the changes of pregnancy and nursing. This looser skin covering can no longer effectively shape and support the breast gland.
There are two general approaches to the treatment of the breast posies (sagging).
If the degree of ptosis is minimal and primarily due to loss of breast volume following pregnancy with resultant skin looseness, then placement of a breast implant may adequately refill the skin covering, creating a firmer, uplifted breast.
 But most  of the time, however, it is necessary to actually perform a breast lift (mastopexy) via removal of excess skin and tailoring of the remaining skin to reshape and lift the breast.
  The traditional mastopexy leaves an anchor-shaped scar on the breast.
  Many women choose to receive breast implants with a breast lift in order to create enhanced fullness in the cleavage area.